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Pick-Up Sticks app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 1904 ratings )
Games Entertainment Arcade Board
Developer: Speedy Winner Holdings Limited
Current version: 1.5.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 23 Oct 2011
App size: 42.96 Mb

Over 7 MILLION downloads worldwide!
-- Top 5 (iPhone) in 48 Countries --
-- Top 1 (iPad) in 42 Countries --

Get your hand ready for the new stick picking game. Challenge online player anytime and anywhere.

Four Game Modes

Casual Mode : Finish all 50 sticks in minimum time.
Arcade Mode : Get highest coins with limited life.
Time Attack Mode: Get highest coins within one minute.
Creative Mode : Create your own pattern for play.

Multiplayer Mode

You can play with your friend with 3G, wifi or bluetooth.

18 Theme Sticks

Select your favor theme when you play. Earn the coins in Arcade and Time Attack mode and unlock your favor theme.

Pros and cons of Pick-Up Sticks app for iPhone and iPad

Pick-Up Sticks app good for

This game is really fun, but I could play for hours and not beat my brothers score though
Lots of fun! So easy to learn my two year old granddaughter can play but challenging enough for grandma too.
This is a fun addicting game that you should keep improving with more types of activitys and options, Love the game and keep up your good work!!!
Great game! Im playing now to unlock the girly package, I really want that
it is such a great game to plaay when u have nothing to do! It is fantastic, youll will never be bored when your playing me...its a five star! THUMBS UP TO PickUpSticks!!!!
I enjoy this game mainly because it takes me back to my childhood ,60? Years ago,and had a lot of fun playing it back them.

Some bad moments

Dont bother too easier and you cant play with your friends that are sitting next to you.
I think that Subway surfers is the best game ever but this is good to
This game is fun to play at nite to calm me down or just when Im bored cause I have games that are more fun than that.
There are times when your super bored and just want to play something.I have read the comments and they make me think"Lame Game"I download it anyway and I thought it was a good game for Summer!It was an extreme hot day and I couldnt get my mind of it until I got this game and got my mind of it.So kids,adults,and others if you think this game is so lame,try it before you hate it!!!
At first it looked dumb bit when i actually played it i could not stop playing it!!! I played it 2 hours strait!!! Its an awesome game and every one should get it!!! When i post this review guess what ill be playing......?!?!?!?!?! LOL
A okay game but its really easy, all you do is tap the stick and it goes away, waste if time

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