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82 add



Very fun!

Light and fun


Totaler rotz




A great Game if you bored but Not for a Long time all in all - try it


This game is really fun, but I could play for hours and not beat my brothers score though

Good and fun


Pickup sticks

An awesome game a bit confusing but fun

Pickup sticks rules

Pick up sticks is awesome but I gave it a three because the ones that r locked r 2 many coins

Update breaks items

Just installed the latest update that included the Easter theme. Now if you miss a stick or choose the wrong one it closes the app. It doesnt even save where you left off. Previous versions were fine and a lot of fun.

Pick up Sticks

Its fun for all ages.


I know how to cheat in rhos game my best score is 2:48 thats right 2seconds HAHA this is so fun XD this is how you do it you just click crazy trust me it works ;D

Pick up stick

This the best game ever

Pick up Sticks

Lots of fun! So easy to learn my two year old granddaughter can play but challenging enough for grandma too.

Pick up sticks

Pick up sticks is a good game it um has a good focus to it but its also kind of boring but if you want a challenge I would suggest that you download this game.


This is a fun addicting game that you should keep improving with more types of activitys and options, Love the game and keep up your good work!!!

5  app

Great game! Im playing now to unlock the girly package, I really want that


Good to past time.


it is such a great game to plaay when u have nothing to do! It is fantastic, youll will never be bored when your playing PickUpSticks....to me...its a five star! THUMBS UP TO PickUpSticks!!!!


Especially when theres nothing to do.

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